What’s rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation restores a person to their pre-injury health and physical capabilities. Often patients require support to regain strength, flexibility, and their range of motion after car accidents, sports-related injuries, or even surgery. Rehabilitative activities and exercises help relieve pain and discomfort as well as improve a patient’s physical function. The doctors at Full of Life Chiropractic work with their patients to help them complete normal everyday tasks and activities again. The doctors also teach their patients about their bodies and educate them about correct posture, strengthening exercises, nutrition, and other treatments to help them get their lives back.

What types of rehabilitation are available at Full of Life Chiropractic?

The doctors at Full of Life Chiropractic offer highly customized treatment plans to address the needs of each individual patient. Treatment plans may include:

•       Chiropractic care to correct any imbalances or subluxations in the spine caused by an accident or injury, ongoing discomfort, or illness. Chiropractic adjustments help the body and the nervous system function at optimal levels.

•       Massage therapy to release any tension or spasm in the patient’s muscles, which may be contributing to pain and limited mobility. A variety of massage techniques help depending on the needs of the patient.

•       Rehabilitative exercises to improve flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance. These include stretches, assisted body weight exercises, weighted exercises, and aerobic exercises like walking or swimming. These treatments help heal injuries while also improving total body health.

•       Homework (or exercises and behaviors) to help between rehabilitation sessions. Regular practice results in steady and sustainable improvements, enabling patients to get back to normal more quickly.

How does rehabilitation help?

Rehabilitation helps patients get back to their normal lives. Following an injury or illness, a patient may experience the loss of certain abilities that need to be restored. Rehabilitation helps patients take care of their bodies, general health, and wellbeing to ensure those skills and abilities come back as quickly as possible. Rehabilitation also helps patients maintain their strength and physical capabilities during some chiropractic treatments.