Phases of Care

Like any relationship, our care starts in stages. Initially, most people come in when they are in pain or have a health crisis. This is usually the result of years of neglect or misuse. Maybe it's from a singular incident like a motor vehicle collision.

Our Initial Intensive Care phase can last 1-4 months or more where we seek to stabilize a condition that’s gotten out of control, ignored or masked with drugs.

As your body recovers, the Rehabilitative or Restorative Care phase is the next logical step. Imagine a broken leg whose cast is just removed. Is it ready for normal training yet?

Following maximum improvement for the situation (not everyone can return to ‘perfect’) is the Lifestyle or Wellness Phase of Care. From Dr. Gambino: “Over the years we have found that many chiropractors do not adequately educate their practice members about this phase of care and then ‘surprise’ their practice members with a statement like “You have to come for the rest of your life”. Imagine that! Here’s my analogy: I eat well. Really well. I do it because it makes sense to supply my body with the cleanest food available. Do I eat super clean every day? No, I don’t. I like ice cream and an occasional glass of wine (not at the same time!). But I do regular cleanses, fasts and detox protocols. Eating well is part of my lifestyle. Getting adjusted is also part of my lifestyle. Anything with moving parts subject to the laws of gravity, friction and use needs periodic adjustments to stay in optimal functioning condition. How many times do you think a professional musician will tune her instrument during her career? You get the idea.”