The care we provide is based on irrefutable Natural Laws and Vitalistic Principles.

•       All living things, including us, have an inborn, God-given wisdom that is not a learned “skill.” This life force, termed INNATE INTELLIGENCE coordinates, controls and receives countless bits of information from the moment we are conceived to the moment we drop this physical form. You have this... I have this... the little baby has this... the older person has this... let's set you up so you can feel its expression.  

•       The Power that made your body heals you (simple but true). No doctor can truly heal the patient. All we can do is provide the greatest environment in which to thrive. It's all you. Like you, we want you to fully enjoy your life... it's the only one you got!

•       Inability to adapt to stress (physical traumas, chemical toxins and auto-suggestion (self talk/mental anguish) is the real cause of a lack of harmony, lack of ease (or “dis-ease”) and over time can lead to what you know as “disease”. How does a person know which physical, chemical or emotional stress is causing their symptoms? That's why we are here. We’ll figure it out together.

•       True healing is restricted by limitations of time, matter and understanding. Given the right environment amazing things happen. Miracles happen every week in our office. 

•       The nervous system self-regulates, self-heals and coordinates all physiological processes in the body and adapts the body to its environment. Chiropractors' specialty is the nervous system!

•       Our Chiropractors correct pockets of nerve interference along the spinal column (called “SUB-LUX-A-TIONS”) to allow innate function and the inner expression of health. We do not treat symptoms, diseases, or conditions (although as a result of a better functioning nervous system many problems can and do heal). How do you know if you have these subluxations? That's our main job!

•       Only your innate intelligence can truly establish what is normal for you. What is beneficial or harmful for one person may not be for another. We are ALL as different on the inside as we are on the outside. Your care is designed for you!  

•       Chiropractic is not a substitute for medical care and medical care is not a substitute for chiropractic care.  Both the plumber and the electrician know similar building skills but they are not the same. Both may be necessary. We are not focused on what is WRONG with you but what is RIGHT with you and work with that.

•       We acknowledge that people are responsible for their OWN health. You cannot get well unless you truly want to.

•       Healing occurs from the inside-out.  Let's find out where you are stuck so you can return to living an amazing life.