Light Products


These are some of the products we use to help keep us naturally healthy in an unnatural world. Feel free to ask questions or purchase from this site.


These orange lenses may not be the sexiest lenses you’ll wear but are the entry level testers to protect your brain from damaging effects of blue light frequencies. We keep a pair in each vehicle as a spare when we drive at night or have to make a quick stop at a department store.


Any blue light at night is a bad thing and will disrupt your natural sleep rhythm, so checking your smartphone in the middle of the night is a no-no.just tap the button if you’re wondering what time it is. It’s simple and we like simple.


Same idea as above but another option (although a little tougher to locate in the dark!)


You’ve seen these on the doctors, they have several pairs near each computer. If you need readers, you need these. Blue blocking and clarifying. Make sure you order the right magnification.


These are great for movie watching or if you wear contacts. No magnification, so you’ll see our younger team members wearing these.


Our lighting selection for Full of LIFE Chiropractic was a painstaking process as we researched and vetted over $1,000 worth of light bulbs and spent countless hours talking to manufacturers and looking at the light spectral graphs each produced. In the end we couldn’t find any that satisfied our brains. We chose these because they are the best at putting out the least amount of blue light frequency (a soft amber) while adding UVB, which is what helps make Vitamin D from cholesterol in your skin. Bonus! Be sure to choose the correct wattage.


We use these after sunset. They are all red frequencies which allow the release of melatonin from our pineal glands in our brains for better sleep, hormone regulation and immune system function. Plus, they give a great look to a room. Bonus!


Very simple timer to turn on or off your appliances when you want. (Or you could go outside and flip the main breaker to your house.)