For many people, the idea of taking their precious baby to a chiropractor seems strange. “Why would a baby need to get adjusted?” In our Adjustatorium, some people witness an infant, toddler or child getting adjusted for the first time. ALL of them are amazed and conversations have stopped and turned to two main questions they have: 1. Is it safe? and 2. Is it effective? The short answers are YES! and YES! Of course, each case is unique just like every baby and the Doctors’s training in perinatal chiropractic care allows them to be able to help thousands of babies over the decades.

A baby’s spine is still developing as are their nervous systems. (Did you know that the nervous system is said not to be fully developed until the age of 25?) Our doctors have specialized training in the care of newborns, infants and toddlers. Is it dangerous? Only if done by someone other than a trained chiropractor.

There are six critical times to have your children checked by a chiropractor:

  1. BIRTH: Even under perfect, natural, home birth scenarios, the newborn’s spine is subjected to the powerful forces of labor contractions. A subluxation can occur during the birth process and almost assuredly does during forceful manual extraction, vacuum extraction and especially C-sections. Many of our families bring their newborns to us for an evaluation shortly after birth. The Drs. Gambino had their children at home, unassisted, and checked their boys within minutes. Others have asked us to check them in the comfort of their home. Please inquire.