Breathe easy CFR Cranial Facial Release

Cranial Facial Release

Breath Easy...

Cranial Facial Release (CFR) is a specialize endo-nasal cranial adjusting technique that has had great success in many neurological and skeletal disorders.    
It’s main purpose is mobilization of the cranial bones which unlock skull fixations, open the airways for better breathing, facilitate CSF (cranial spinal fluid), increase blood flow to and from the cranium, optimize endocrine and help brain function. 

Dr. Kim became interested in this technique after watching it being done at a Chiropractic seminar because her son had developed breathing (Snoring & mouth breather) issues after a skiing accident when he was 12.  After one session of CFR his snoring decreased by 75%!  There are only about 100 doctors in the world that are certified in this technique and she is proud to be one of them.

Below is a list of conditions that respond favorably to CFR

- Breathing Problems                       - Sleep Apnea

- Migraine Headaches                     - Snoring

- Sinusitis                                         - Head Trauma

- TInnitus                                         - PCS

- Vertigo                                           - Learning Disorders

- Bell's Palsy                                    - Emotional Disorders

- Trigeminal Neuralgia                     - Neurological Disorders

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kim to determine if CFR could benefit you, please give us a call!